Communication in the REBUILD project has as main purposes:

  1. to inform about the project and its partners, to promote its activities and to raise awareness of the results obtained.
  2. to share information about how decentralisation can be facilitated/implemented in Libya

Communicating REBUILD project means to promote transparency towards all stakeholders at all levels, including citizens.

To achieve these objectives, within REBUILD partnership a communication group has been established, to define a unified communication style, tools and approach. This group meets online on a regular basis and is made up of 12 members, one for each project partner municipality, plus 1 coordinator and 1 intercultural mediator, both belonging to the International Cooperation Centre in Trento. Each partner municipality has appointed his media officer, who participates in the group, to carry out communication activities in support of the project management in its municipality. When promoting training activities, the media officer is the reference person also for the partner university.

Media officers participate in designing and implementing customised strategies for communication and outreach in full coordination with the communication manager, who is part of the Project Management Unit in Trento.

The main communication outputs made up to December 2023 are summarised in the following document:

Communication outputs | April 2021-April 2024