Community of practice (CoP)

The communities of practice and learning are social groups with the objective of producing organized and quality knowledge, to which each member has free access. In these communities, people aim at continuous learning through their own awareness and others’ knowledge.

Within the REBUILD project, the CoP represents a “networking tool” connecting all activities: it is the space where partner municipalities/universities exchange either the skills acquired during the capacity building than the exercise of those skills in their daily activities, including in the implementation of the two pilot projects.

The REBUILD’s CoP is a place where participants meet among peers and exchange impressions on the definition and implementation of public policies for basic services delivery and local development in favour of their territories and local communities.

Furthermore, partners create a common environment to share ideas, lessons learnt, opportunities, information, studies and research for a mutual benefit, feeding this way the internal culture of public interest and territorial cohesion.

Nevertheless, the most significant impact beyond that, is the establishment of stronger human relations, that arise from the mutual appreciation of others’ diversities or affinities and create ties that are able to overcome divisions dictated by the sensitive political transition the Country is painfully undergoing since years.

The CoP also represents the opportunity to strengthen the international network of Libyan municipalities with EU and MENA countries, avoiding their isolation often due to National instability.

REBUILD contributes to this important exercise through direct actions and through project governance itself.

Direct actions include face-to-face meetings such as:

  • Steering Committees, Technical Boards
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Summer Schools

The project governance structure as well, creates the conditions for the partners to share solutions to common challenges and directly manage project activities according to shared rules and regulations that create daily interactions and a common ground for discussions and problems solving. In fact the ten coordination teams made of municipalities and universities’ officials, represent a challenging way of diffused/decentralised project management that actually provides Libyan municipalities and universities with practical tools and experience in international projects management. To favor this daily interaction around REBUILD implementation, despite the geographical distance, the project uses different platforms, namely Viber/WhatsApp (daily), email (approximately weekly) and Zoom/Meet for virtual partnership meetings (monthly) or whenever a need arises. The field visits which have taken place in Libya, Italy and Tunisia have proved that the CoP is effective in keeping the relations alive and kicking, even remotely. Partners who meet in person after long time always have shown closeness and enthusiasm, commitment and engagement, feeling part of a joint mission, which needs each other’s contribution to succeed.

Watch the presentation video of the Summer School in Trentino