Syllabus Cycle 3

Introductory video

Project Cycle Management and Public Policies

Project Management is a problem-solving technique to facilitate decision making processes. The focus is on how local development processes can be translated into action by a local authority through projects and public policies.

  • Projects, from the Latin proiectare, refer to push forward, to build something that does not yet exist, to impact on a situation that one wants to change in the desired direction. It applies to the most diverse spheres of life and it requires the ability to find new solutions to evolving complex needs. Projects can be analysed from 2 points of view: methodological (how activities are organised) and organisational (how to set-up the organisation in order to properly implement the activities).
  • Public Policies are expressions of the interaction between actors within a Municipality and a legal framework. The focus in Cycle 3 is on methodology, analysis and evaluation of public policies.

This training cycle includes 3 thematic modules :

  1. Project Cycle Management
  2. Risk Management and tools of Project Management
  3. Public Policies

For an overview of the Cycle 3 training activities see the Storyboard nr 9