Syllabus (Cycle 1)

Introductory video

Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Local Development

Cycle 1 of the REBUILD project represents the backbone of the contents of the whole REBUILD curriculum. Local sustainable development can be considered as a genuine, multi-actor, bottom-up process.

But how do we move from statements on the importance of sustainable development to defining and implementing actual policies and actions that actually promote it at the local level? REBUILD Cycle 1 aims to answer these questions by offering elements for a theoretical and methodological framework and concrete examples and tools useful to work in this direction.

Local authorities can promote local development and the well-being of its inhabitants as they are close to the ground and to the needs of the population. The objective is to develop capacities and expertise within Libyan Municipalities starting from the experiences of University trainers and Municipality staff.

This training cycle includes 3 thematic modules :

  1. Local Sustainable development : principles and strategies
  2. Urban Strategic Planning
  3. Strengthen Libyan Local Authorities: Role and Responsibilities

In addition to these three thematic modules, Cycle 1 provides methodological training for trainers on the main features of experiential and adult training and how to deliver it effectively.

For an overview of the Cycle 1 training activities see the Storyboard nr 4