When details make a (big) difference

Ms. Francesca Toniolo, CCI - International Cooperation Centre Do you (still) think that monitoring and evaluation kind of mean the same thing? Is this just lofty jargon for you? If your answer is yes, then please follow me. Imagine your city today. Then, imagine it differently and better. What do you see? Describe how and why [...]

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The High Seas Coast Fishing Unit Owners Association and the REBUILD project

WATCH THE VIDEO Peace upon you! REBUILD is one of the projects established by the Nicosia Initiative and participated by Libyan municipalities, the European Union and Italian local authorities. Its structure was proposed and built in coordination with the Italian institutions. In the framework of the project, we visited several municipalities in Italy as well [...]

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Local administration and citizens governing their territory

Video message by Giovanni Gardelli Greetings to all the Libyan friends whom I have been lucky enough to meet in these two years of work. I am very happy to meet you again, even if only through this video message. We are here to talk about our experience, about what we [...]

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Activate change to address local needs

Mattia Gottardi, Councilor of the Autonomous Province of Trento responsible for Local authorities and relations with the Province Council   The Autonomous Province of Trento, within the scope of the competence on international cooperation that was assigned to me, supported and supports the REBUILD project. On the one hand, it is a project that we [...]

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