Experiential Learning for the training of agents of local development: PROFADEL

Arnaldo Serna Arnaldo Serna, Coordinator of the PROFADEL International Network [The International Cooperation Centre (Trento, Italy) and Ciedel (Lyon, France) are members of PROFADEL network - http://profadel.net/] PROFADEL international network brings together training centres from three continents, 7 countries: France, Italy, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Togo, and Peru. Since 2000, we have been [...]

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The relationship between ‘project’ and ‘development’ dynamics

Stefano Rossi, REBUILD Operational Manager, International Cooperation Centre The notion and practices within international development cooperation are linked with projects and medium to short term activities. Within this framework, international development cooperation actors should work toward the activation of processes, which can last beyond the project. REBUILD approach is based on this awareness and seeks [...]

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The Nicosia Initiative: A Way When There Was No Way

Initiated at the Plenary session of the Euro Mediterranean Assembly of Regional and Local Authorities (ARLEM) in Nicosia in January 2016, the Nicosia Initiative is the European Committee of the Region's platform aimed at strengthening local administrations in Libya. It has started in times where it was needed to let Libyan municipalities out from isolation [...]

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Promoting Democracy through Local Authorities

A week of training of trainers started yesterday in Kairouan (Tunisia) for 20 representatives of 10 Libyan universities, with representatives of the REBUILD European project, in collaboration with ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy. The themes are #democracy, transparency, good governance, crisis management, inclusive participation, … The project is co-funded by the European Union. [...]

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Decree No. 1500 regulating the decentralisation process in Libya

In August 2022 REBUILD project, at the invitation of the Libyan Ministry of Local Government (MOLG), translated into Italian language the recent Decree 1500 regulating the decentralisation process in Libya. You can download the document in three languages here: IT - Decreto 1500 - Strategia enti locali Libia EN - Decree no (1500)-EN AR - قرار رقم [...]

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REBUILD at the Festival of Economics in Trento (Italy)

The REBUILD project lands at the Festival of economics - a 4-day conference with speakers from the world of academia, international and national economists, representatives of European and national institutions, managers of Italian and multinational companies, ministers and distinguished guests - with a conference entitled "REBUILD: Libya starting from the local dimension". Speakers  European local authorities: [...]

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 Reference: UE/REBUILD/Service_provision_TRAININGOPERATIONS MANAGEMENTThe Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale (CCI) intends to award a service contract for the Management of Training Operations in Libya for the REBUILD project in Libya with financial assistance from the REBUILD project (GA: NEAR-TS/2020/422-410; CUP: C69J20001020006) financed by the the European Union and implemented by the Provincia autonoma di Trento/Trento Autonomous [...]

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