Experiential Learning for the training of agents of local development: PROFADEL

Arnaldo Serna Arnaldo Serna, Coordinator of the PROFADEL International Network [The International Cooperation Centre (Trento, Italy) and Ciedel (Lyon, France) are members of PROFADEL network - http://profadel.net/] PROFADEL international network brings together training centres from three continents, 7 countries: France, Italy, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Togo, and Peru. Since 2000, we have been strengthening [...]

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Overview of the role of universities in enhancing the efficiency of municipalities

Dr. Khaled Souissi, Project Officer, University of Zintan (by the Media Officer of Zintan Municipality, Mustafa Aramah) We want you to provide an overview of the role of universities in enhancing the efficiency of municipalities, strengths and weaknesses. In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and prayers and peace be [...]

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The relationship between ‘project’ and ‘development’ dynamics

Stefano Rossi, REBUILD Operational Manager, International Cooperation Centre The notion and practices within international development cooperation are linked with projects and medium to short term activities. Within this framework, international development cooperation actors should work toward the activation of processes, which can last beyond the project. REBUILD approach is based on this awareness and seeks [...]

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