Dr. Khaled SouissiProject Officer, University of Zintan

(by the Media Officer of Zintan Municipality, Mustafa Aramah)

We want you to provide an overview of the role of universities in enhancing the efficiency of municipalities, strengths and weaknesses.

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and prayers and peace be upon the Noble Prophet, and thank him for this brief press interview.

Certainly the university has a role in the REBUILD project. Zintan University has a leading role in designing curricula and developing practical and not only academic materials for Municipal employees. We have curricula ready for training in order to increase the level of efficiency of employees in their Municipal work. In the past, we have worked on topics such as local administration and decentralization and curricula have been prepared update local administration in accordance with laws such as Law No. 59 of 2012 (Law on Decentralization), as well as introducing decentralization and its concept trying to adapt it to the Libyan context. Transparency and community participation were among other important contents to be presented to Municipalities. At the same time, topics such as crisis management, financial management and related procedures are developed through a number of courses in order to increase the efficiency of employees and their participation in running the municipality properly and satisfying people and citizens.

Weaknesses or negative aspects are related to the implementation of Law 59 and to the change of governments that can apply or cancel this law. This change may have a negative aspect on the local administration despite the attempt to adapt these curricula according to the laws, regulations and local administration in Libya.

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