When details make a (big) difference

Ms. Francesca Toniolo, CCI - International Cooperation Centre Do you (still) think that monitoring and evaluation kind of mean the same thing? Is this just lofty jargon for you? If your answer is yes, then please follow me. Imagine your city today. Then, imagine it differently and better. What do you see? Describe how and why [...]

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The reality of disaster management in Libyan municipalities and successful work mechanisms

Dr. Taha Muhammad Wali, Asmaria University, Project Officer in the REBUILD Project What we witnessed of the devastating effects left by Hurricane Daniel on the cities of eastern Libya, specifically the impact of the Wadi Derna flood on the city, the role of rescue teams and crisis committees, and the official authorities’ handling of the terrible [...]

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The fourth Training of Trainers of the REBUILD project comes to an end today in Tripoli

During the last week, 2 participants from each of the 10 Libyan partner universities in Libya have gathered to work and exchange training experiences on the Management of Human Resources and on methods of adult training. The training was organised and is facilitated by CCI - International Cooperation Centre (Trento, Italy)  in collaboration with Ciedel [...]

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The fifth Technical Board online meeting

In the fifth Technical Board meeting, which will take place on December 7,  the following persons are invited to participate: the Project Managers of the Municipalities, the Project Officers of the Universities, the Project Management Unit in Trento (PMU), CIEDEL, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and a representative  of the European Union Delegation for Libya. Moreover, we [...]

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ValEUr Gabes project on water management as an opportunity for REBUILD community of practices

With the aim of fostering the community of practices within REBUILD project partners, on Thursday 2 November an online meeting took place with the facilitation of ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy, a key stakeholder in the field of active citizenship and cooperation between local authorities and civil society. The experience of projects in [...]

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Devastation and reconstruction in Libya

It has been 15 days since the flooding triggered by Hurricane Daniel on the coast of the Cyrenaica region. 120 million cubic meters of water were released from the collapse of the two dams upstream of the city hardest hit by the storm: Derna. In its path, the water turned into mud and ran over [...]

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Climate disaster in eastern Libya

A strong storm, known as Hurricane Daniel, hit north-eastern Libya causing two thousand dead and five thousand missing mainly in the city of Derna, after hitting Greece and Turkey. Despite the alert from the authorities the effects were catastrophic. Torrential rains destroyed three dams and swept away two others. A river of water and mud [...]

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Message from Tiziana Bresciani, REBUILD project manager

Dear friends, my message is directed primarily to the people who are contributing with commitment, competence and passion to the pursuit of the objectives of REBUILD, now halfway through its implementation. I am happy to finally be able to give a positive message on the continuation of activities, linked to the success of financial transfers [...]

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Training of Trainers process in the REBUILD project

Dr. Abeir Imneina, Trainer, University of Benghazi Universities play an important role in building the capacities of institutions and shaping them in order to serve the local community. They are able to communicate with various departments in order to support them in terms of consultancy and training. These activities contribute to strengthen their role at the [...]

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The High Seas Coast Fishing Unit Owners Association and the REBUILD project

WATCH THE VIDEO Peace upon you! REBUILD is one of the projects established by the Nicosia Initiative and participated by Libyan municipalities, the European Union and Italian local authorities. Its structure was proposed and built in coordination with the Italian institutions. In the framework of the project, we visited several municipalities in Italy as well [...]

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