The relationship between ‘project’ and ‘development’ dynamics

Stefano Rossi, REBUILD Operational Manager, International Cooperation Centre The notion and practices within international development cooperation are linked with projects and medium to short term activities. Within this framework, international development cooperation actors should work toward the activation of processes, which can last beyond the project. REBUILD approach is based on this awareness and seeks [...]

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Local administration and citizens governing their territory

Video message by Giovanni Gardelli Greetings to all the Libyan friends whom I have been lucky enough to meet in these two years of work. I am very happy to meet you again, even if only through this video message. We are here to talk about our experience, about what we [...]

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The Nicosia Initiative: A Way When There Was No Way

Initiated at the Plenary session of the Euro Mediterranean Assembly of Regional and Local Authorities (ARLEM) in Nicosia in January 2016, the Nicosia Initiative is the European Committee of the Region's platform aimed at strengthening local administrations in Libya. It has started in times where it was needed to let Libyan municipalities out from isolation [...]

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Promoting Democracy through Local Authorities

A week of training of trainers started yesterday in Kairouan (Tunisia) for 20 representatives of 10 Libyan universities, with representatives of the REBUILD European project, in collaboration with ALDA - European Association for Local Democracy. The themes are #democracy, transparency, good governance, crisis management, inclusive participation, … The project is co-funded by the European Union. [...]

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Decree No. 1500 regulating the decentralisation process in Libya

In August 2022 REBUILD project, at the invitation of the Libyan Ministry of Local Government (MOLG), translated into Italian language the recent Decree 1500 regulating the decentralisation process in Libya. You can download the document in three languages here: IT - Decreto 1500 - Strategia enti locali Libia EN - Decree no (1500)-EN AR - قرار رقم [...]

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Pilot Action Fishery: Call for Experts

The Pilot Action - Fishery within the framework of the Rebuild Project is now launching a Call for Local Experts aiming at making available a comprehensive traceability system for the supply chain in the fishery sector in order to ease the commercialization of fish at local and international markets. This pilot project is the follow-up of PATH-DEV, a project managed [...]

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Better services to the people for stability, peace and prosperity in Libya

Sandra Goffin, Head of Cooperation Delegation of the European Union to Libya   Dear readers, Municipalities are often the first reference point for people seeking access to a public service, be it social or health services, water and electricity supply, education, issues related to civil status or even the collection of garbage. Municipalities are taking care [...]

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Building capacities of the employees of all Libyan municipalities

Tamim Al Na’as , Deputy Secretary General Supreme Council of Local Administration – Libya   Within the framework of the strategic vision set by the Ministry of Local Government of the Government of National Unity. And based on what is authorized by Law (59) of 2012 for the local administration and its executive regulations for the General Secretariat of the Supreme [...]

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The training proposed by the Centre for International Cooperation

Andrea Anselmi, International Cooperation Centre Senior training and facilitation officer - REBUILD project   The training proposed by the Centre for International Cooperation aims to promote a way of thinking capable of structuring interdependencies and of overcoming particular visions. It targets capacity building activities, thus training human capital that moves with sensitivity and discernment in local, [...]

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Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the “REBUILD” project

Presidency of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, General direction International Relations and European Programming Service Stable structure promoting development cooperation and international partnership activities at regional and local level   In the framework of the Nicosia Initiative, the Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia took part in a concrete initiative of development cooperation addressed to [...]

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