Mr Mustafa Aramah, Media Officer, Municipality of Zintan

Within the REBUILD project, the in-presence Training of Trainers (TOT) for the third cycle was launched in the city of Tripoli in the period between June 17 and 24, 2023. The activity included the targeted trainers who will carry out the training process, Project Officers from the Libyan universities, trainers from the Center for Municipal Development and Decentralization Support and other colleagues interested in this course as it is related to project management and public policies.

Mr. Mustafa Ahmed Aramah, a specialist in the field of engineering and engineering management and the media coordinator for the REBUILD project in the municipality of Zintan, participated in this course. Since this course is in the field of project management and through the experiences gained throughout my work in the Zintan municipality in project management, there was a clear benefit and full understanding of the contents of the course from the theoretical and practical aspects and through participation and attendance with many municipalities and the diversity of ideas and exchange of knowledge and information regarding different projects, obstacles, solutions, and procedures. University officers and trainees were able to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for training, which enables the participants in the training of trainers to reach the primary goal, which is to understand and communicate the contents of the course in general to trainees from municipalities in a scientific manner based on theoretical and practical foundations by applying a set of programs and procedures and establishing work groups, field visits, and workshops. Discussion and interaction between training participants took place in order to reach the greatest amount of understanding and benefit. This is what distinguishes our training from traditional education, which consists of the explanation and transfer of information from one party without participation, interaction, and discussion. Among the outcomes of this training is that I was assigned by the Ministry of Local Government and the Center for Municipal Development and Decentralization Support to conduct in my turn a training course regarding Supervisory Engineering for a number of project management employees in the municipalities of Al-jabal al-garbi and Batn al-Jabal for 25 trainees from various municipal sectors, which lasted for two weeks to introduce the systems, regulations, and laws. And the models related to municipal work in project management in the municipality and a full understanding of the programs, plans, and systems that the Projects Department of the Ministry of Local Government has begun implementing through the platform for projects of a local nature, the unified numbering guide, and the models prepared for use in all municipalities.

In conclusion, I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of this program, from the REBUILD Project Management Unit to all the municipalities and universities participating in the program and the Ministry of Local Government, for the support and all the efforts made to develop municipalities and support decentralisation and local development.