The Libyan-European REBUILD project, which involves EU and Libyan local authorities, is the focus of a conference held in Trento in the framework of the Festival of Economics. An opportunity to dialogue with Tamim Abdul Hafeez Al Na’as, Deputy Secretary of the Libyan Supreme Council, which represents all the country’s municipalities


In the framework of the rich 2022 edition of the Trento Festival of Economics, dedicated to the theme “Between Order and Disorder” and with the presence of national and international representatives from the academic, economic, political and civil society environments, a conference entitled “REBUILD: Libya from the local dimension” will be held on June 3.

It will feature Tamim Abdul Hafeez Al Na’as – Deputy Secretary of the Libyan Supreme Council, a Tripoli-based central body representing the country’s 144 municipalities – who will speak alongside Mattia Gottardi – Councilor of the Autonomous Province of Trento for Local Authorities, International Cooperation, Transport and Mobility and Piero Mauro Zanin – President of the Regional Council of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Vice-President of the CIVEX Commission of the European Committee of the Regions.

REBUILD is a four-year European decentralized cooperation project, launched in April 2021 by the Autonomous Province of Trento with the involvement of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, ten municipalities and as many Libyan universities, as well as the Center for International Cooperation (CCI) of Trento as a technical partner for its decades of experience in capacity building activities at the local and international level. 

An initiative that aims to strengthen local public services in Libya, through a training system delivered by universities to their respective municipalities, in support of the delicate and fragile decentralization process underway in Libya and implemented in close synergy with the EU Delegation and other international actors contributing to decentralization in Libya.

The project is run within the framework of the “Nicosia Initiative,” a decentralized cooperation programme promoted by the European Committee of the Regions.

One year after the start of REBUILD, the conference to be held at Palazzo Geremia in Trento moderated by Roberto Bongiorni of Sole 24 Ore, will be an opportunity to take stock of the activities carried out so far and the challenges that await in the future, such as the arrival in Trento of 20 officials from Libyan municipalities to participate in the Summer School on June 27-July -2 that aims to strengthen the international network between local authorities, integrate and share good practices in local governance starting from the Trentino experience.