Reference: UE/REBUILD/Service_provision_TRAINING


The Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale (CCI) intends to award a service contract for the Management of Training Operations in Libya for the REBUILD project in Libya with financial assistance from the REBUILD project (GA: NEAR-TS/2020/422-410; CUP: C69J20001020006) financed by the the European Union and implemented by the Provincia autonoma di Trento/Trento Autonomous Province (PAT) as Lead Applicant.

The contract notice and additional information about the contract notice are available from and they are also published on the website of the REBUILD project and of the Centro per la Cooperazione Internazionale

The deadline for submission of applications is Sunday, 13 February 2022, at 23:59 ECT – European Central Time, CET – Central Europe Time (Rome time).

The complete tender dossier includes:


Arabic Summary

02_b8b_Instructions_to_tenderers Instructions to tenderers
03_b8c_Draft_Contract Draft contract agreement and special conditions, with annexes:

04_b8d_Annex_I_General_Conditions General conditions for service contracts
05_b8f_Annex_II_Terms_of_Reference Terms of reference
06_b8h_Annex_IV_CV_Expert CV of experts/qualified permanent staff available among the bidder’s manpower

07_b8i1_Annex_V_Budget Budget (to be submitted by the tenderer as the financial offer using the template provided

Forms and other supporting documents:


Other information:
10_b8l_Admininistrative_Compliance_Grid Administrative compliance grid
11_b8m2_Evaluation_Grid Evaluation grid
b3_Application_form Tender submission form