December 2021

December 2021



“Introduction to the REBUILD Training Strategy and to the Key Concepts” is the introductive module to the overall REBUILD Project training component. As such, it is a crucial and structural module that will set the basis for all the further training.


  • To share among all participants an overview on the structure and functioning of the overall training strategy of the project and the roles and responsibilities of each actor - PMU, Universities, Municipalities - at each stage
  • To present the REBUILD training curriculum and in particular the conceptual framework and a shared vision on the role of local authorities based on a Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD)
  • To introduce the experience of Trentino and the Autonomous Province of Trento as a meaningful case study on local governance and territorial development


Representatives from Universities and Municipalities involved in the project


Autonomous Province of Trento


International Cooperation Centre

Non-profit, independent organisation with experience in the definition and implementation of capacity building processes on the topics of local development, decentralised cooperation and global citizenship education.


STEP 1 - November 2021 - A. TOT-Training of Trainers


3 content units

1. The REBUILD Project’s overall training structure

2. The role of local authorities: conceptual framework

An introduction to the basic conceptual framework with focus on the role of local authorities within a decentralized government system. Multilevel governance and decentralization; TALD (Territorial Approach to Local Development); sustainable territorial development; participatory governance; accountability

3. Trentino as a case study

The history of a territory, from marginality and poverty to development and cohesion; the role of the local authority and its autonomy in fostering development


18-22/11 (3 hours each)

  • Work on the contents of the e-learning modules Reflecting on Libyan local territories in relation to the conceptual framework introduced
  • Sharing practices on how to deliver the in-presence training to Municipalities' staff


1 Week

STEP 2 - December 2021 - B. In-presence training in each of the 10 Municipalities



In-presence seminars

Intended to promote interaction between the trainers and the participants, to discuss contents and bring experiences specific to the municipal territory


1 week

Intended to present the main contents of the training module - concepts, ideas, theories, procedures, etc. and accessible to anyone who request this possibility


Territorial Approach to local development (TALD)

Conceptual framework of the REBUILD training curriculum

Territorial Approach to Local Development (TALD) designates development that is endogenous and spatially integrated, leverages the contribution of actors operating at multiple scales and brings incremental value to national development efforts.

endogenous ---> Each region has a specific "Territorial Capital" that is different from other territories, and translates into an advantage in terms of effects generated for specific investments that are more appropriate to the area and therefore take advantage of its assets and potentialities more effectively

spatially integrated ---> Local development can be promoted at multiple levels (i.e. local, urban, metropolitan, regional, national and supra-national) and requires cooperation between the various levels

incremental ---> The promotion of solidarity processes at local and international level makes it possible to develop networks of actors, integrate approaches and share good practices. The encounter between innovative experiences of local development matured both in the context of Trentino as well as in that of the different Libyan realities opens the field for comparison and exchange between different visions and approaches, allowing to highlight the positive elements of each of them in a dialogue among the actors of the different countries in a process of continuous redefinition and adaptation of local development strategies.